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Just wanted to share a couple pics from my ultrasound on Thursday  I can't wait to meet this little girl!     
This little girl is making herself pretty cozy between my legs as well, Leslie! Sometimes the pressure combined with a contraction takes my breath away and I catch myself making an awkward face in public lol. I'm right there with you with the feelings of going a little crazy just wondering when my mild contractions will turn into the real deal! It reminds me of when I was trying to get pregnant, and obsessed over every little twinge and cramp! Full circle, I guess, haha  
I'm glad your shower was fun, Slammerkin :) People really love giving baby clothes! Especially for girls, I think! We got a ton as well! I think I'm going to try to find my cervix today.. not that I'll really know what I'm feeling for if I do find it! Lol
Hahaha such a dude. I think my husband would run and hide if I asked him to look for my cervix lol! How are you feeling?
I'm a first timer too :) We're having a little girl, due October 8th, but I'm hoping she comes a little sooner than that! 
Big hugs and baby eviction vibes coming your way, Abk! I'm so sorry you're going through all this :(     How do you check your cervix? I've always been terrible at finding it!
Thanks, Eloise :) I just feel stupid! I hate feeling like I'm an inconvenience or a bother. Not that my doctor has ever made me feel that way! I'm just a worrier 
I wish there was a surefire way to know whether or not to worry when you're getting close to the end of pregnancy! My contractions haven't really changed much, but I'm feeling more pressure than before in my vagina/butt area. It's not constant pressure, but it's enough that it's noticeable. I really don't want to be one of those first timers who goes to the hospital when I don't need to, or who calls the doctor over every little thing, but I have no idea how to judge...
That's great! Yeah, we debated whether or not to look at doctors who deliver there but we're so close to Carroll Hosp. that it makes more sense to stick with what's close. Luckily the birth center is nice at Carroll too :) Things have been good with me! How about you?
Can I ask where you're delivering? I'm assuming Howard? I'll be up at Carroll :) I think the reality is setting in for my husband too, with me having these contractions and the baby having dropped. He planned a weekend away for when I'd be 38 weeks.. I'm thinking that may not happen lol! I'm glad your husband will be staying home instead! 
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