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Cindy-lu! It's so nice to hear from you! I haven't lost my mucous plug as far as I know, but I'm definitely having contractions. I'm just waiting it out, if they become stronger I'll call the doctor. How many weeks are you now?
You look great! You're so close to the finish line! PS- Cute jungle theme :)
 38+3 sounds like it would be perfect for you :) Fingers crossed that it works out that way!!    I can feel this little girl's head pressing down, such a strange sensation! My mom is betting that I won't make it to 40 weeks.. I just don't know though! I feel a little strange, but I think it's just because of the baby dropping. Only time will tell.. but waiting is so hard!!
Danielle, I'm glad the weather is starting to clear up for you! Just in time, too :) I feel your pain- my husband has been working 12-13 hr days as well to help make up for my lack of income. It makes me sad to see him less, and I feel guilty for not contributing money. We've both always worked, so I've been feeling a little bit purposeless recently. Although that feeling is fading the closer we get to our sweet girl to being here! It's so exciting that your little one is...
Superbeans, glad you're feeling so well! I agree- I love seeing new threads up because it means we've gone another week! Yay!    Slammerkin, I'm glad your blood sugar numbers have stayed pretty even keeled! I hope your shower tomorrow is nice and that it helps you with the things you still need :) I know the feeling of just wanting the showers to be finished so you can get a true idea of what you need to order or buy! We had our final shower (husbands family did one on...
Thanks mama!
Yaaaay! Thank you!
You're so close abk!! How exciting :) I hope you don't have to wait too long! I know what you mean with feeling anxious just not knowing how long you're going to have to wait!
Thanks for the info, Slammerkin!    I'll be 36 weeks on Monday, which is just crazy to me! I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and baby girl's heartbeat sounded great, but my fundal height had gone down from being right where it should be, to 33cm. Baby girl has dropped! But the measurement was still lower than my doctor expected, so she sent me to get an ultrasound and nst to make sure my amniotic fluid wasn't low. Thankfully my fluid looked normal, and baby passed...
It's super common in pregnancy, as much as it sucks. I had to start taking extra iron as well because of anemia. 
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