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Are there any side effects that you have to worry about, or is it all good? :) I might pick some up tomorrow after my doctor appointment!
Yay for an anterior baby! Fingers crossed that everything goes how you want with who's present at your labor! What are the pills you're taking for labor prep? I'm willing to do pretty much anything to help things along too!   I've heard of women drinking raspberry leaf tea leading up to labor.. It's supposed to help with uterine muscle tone or something, right? 
I know exactly what you mean Ciga! I used to mistake hardball baby for bh, but I know better now!    Danielle, I'm glad to hear everything is ok! What a scare! It sounds like you're pretty set though, if she decides to make an entrance! Take it easy, mama :) I have my group b swab tomorrow, hopefully I'm clear. Sorry to hear your iron levels are giving you trouble, how frustrating. I know low iron makes you so exhausted, ugh! 
abk, Yes!! Lol! We have some multi-taskers here!
hahaha    So these games are over then? What am I going to do with my time lol?
WYR eat candied walrus or candied walnuts?  lol
You look great, Peacelovemama! And so happy :) Hope your blessingway was fun!
hahahahaha Ciga!
never had it   candied walnuts?
Yoga!   long hair or short?
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