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Ohh that makes sense! I recognize the feeling when she hits my cervix, but somehow I didn't even think about my pelvis hurting in that area. It's right around my hip bone, so I bet that's what it is. Thanks abk :)
Ok so this is random, but I've been having a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen when baby moves against something (no idea what) since I was sick/having contractions 5 weeks ago. Anyone have pain like this when the baby moves? Or just any idea what it could be? I don't know if I should be concerned or not.
Craisins!   frozen yogurt or ice cream?
Never had one!    fried pickles?
Happy birthday serafina!   How are you feeling Danielle? I hope everything calmed down!!
Om nom nom! Yes!   bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers?
eww virus I guess   mike and ikes or good n plenty?
Yes!!   kalamata olives?
I have a pig (well, he lives at my parent's farm but he's my boy lol) but always thought a pygmy goat would be fun!   gator wrestling i guess haha   swim in shark or piranha infested water?
Never had it, and I'm gonna have to say no thanks haha. Don't want to do that to my digestive system lol!   indian fry bread?
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