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No way!! That's crazy! I made my husband choose lol, he had a hard time.    definitely walker hahaha   visit a desert or rainforest?
Never had it, or gelato in general! But I want to!   green bean casserole?
YES YES YES   nutella swirl pound cake?
Oh God haha, Segal    Dr. Quinn, Medicine woman or Xena Warrior Princess?
LOL sharknado    bacon or sausage?
never had it but that sounds yummy!   peanut butter and banana sandwich?
Lol good to know, I've never had alligator and now I know not to!   Never had apple pie w cheddar!   old bay on corn on the cob?
Oh geeze, ummm preferably neither haha! But I guess I'll go with polar bear   pet snake or pet tarantula?
Never had it!   alligator?
Paul McCartney   road trip or air travel?
New Posts  All Forums: