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Never had it!   lavendar lemonade?
Machu Pichu definitely!   spicy or sweet?
never had it, but I'd try it   bacon wrapped scallops?
amazon- fewer waves=less motion sickness!    go swimming with dolphins, or go scuba diving on a reef?
Only with shrimp!   rice pudding?
You have to try it, dalia, it's delicious!   Never had those cheetos!   Wickle's pickles?
of course!   reeses puffs?
Big big hugs, Maine mama <3 I'm sure everything will work out eventually! It's just the waiting for everything to work out that's hard, unfortunately! 
Oh Revolting, I'm sorry things are so tough right now :( I hope you can find a way for it all to work out smoothly. Is having a hired helper a few days a week maybe an option? Possibly just for a few hours during your busiest times of day? You might be able to find someone inexpensive on care.com, I know that site has worked great for lots of people. Or possibly a neighbor that you're friendly with could help out? Sending you lots of hugs mama, what a rough situation 
Tea, yumm!    thunderstorm or snow storm?
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