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OMG YES.   oyster shots http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/oyster-shooter-recipe/index.html
Littlebird, I agree- things just feel kind of heavy down low. Not pressure, just weight! My poor pubic bone/hips are miserable!   Danielle, I hope father's day was nice and that the weather starts getting nice and warm for you soon!    Rainy, yay for having the car seat in!! I told my husband last night that we should do ours next weekend when it's exactly 4 weeks til I'm due! I think the time snuck up on him lol!   Soleil, I'm crossing my fingers that lots of...
That's a tough call!! But ducks win.   Would you rather be a mammal with a longer gestation that gives birth to only 1 baby at a time (think elephant), or one that has a shorter gestation, but gives birth to a litter (like a dog) ?
Oh my goodness Abk! Maybe your little one will be here soon!!! Fingers crossed mama :)
Love it!   raw oysters?
Hahaha yes we are!   tea!    Would you rather have a professional do your hair every day, or your makeup? 
Hmm, snow   Have the hair of Medusa or be a cyclops
It's still weird that our seasons are switched! Fall starts in 22 days, here! Either way, yay for nice weather!
Thanks Danielle, big hugs to you too! I had a good cry, and feel better than I did. I'm probably just going to take it easy tonight though.. watch some of my favorite show, order a little dinner. 
Weather!    Eat a tablespoon of wasabi, or salt?
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