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Oh god, ummmm I guess a bear?    Would you rather think everything smells like poop all the time, or think everything smells like vomit all the time?
budweiser?? lol. some kind of beer at least, dalia! I choose great taste   Would you rather be able to talk to animals, or speak any language fluently?
Oh geeze, never had it, but no thanks haha   elk?
Ohh you may be right! But that's true, babies don't care about calendars lol!
haha, I'm rooting for you abk! I think you're the closest!
Never had it   venison?
Local! I love farmer's markets and local produce shops!   Have really loud farts that smell like delicious baked goods, or silent ones that smell like the worst things imaginable?
Graci, I looove Ivy. I love pretty much any "naturey" name.. obviously, since we're naming ours Lily :) I also love Fern and Willow.   Lyndie- that's cute!!
You look awesome, Abk! Sorry to hear you got stretch marks though, what a pain! You're so close to the finish line!   Mainemama, you look fantastic! You always look so happy in your pics :)
Love it!    Steamed crabs
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