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Mmm Georgle Clooney! haha hubba hubba    Would you rather always have to say whatever is on your mind, or never speak again?
Werewolf I guess haha.   Have rabbit ears or hooves for feet?
Cake!    Very masculine voice or very masculine hairy hands?
LOVE IT. so much.    spicy chocolate icecream?
Love it!   pistachio pudding?
Yoga- you get the muscle tone, flexibility, plus it's super relaxing!   Have a constant ringing in your ears, or have your ears feel plugged up all the time
Hahaha dalia you rock.    Chili cheese fries! Hot dogs are not my thing.    Drink only water for the rest of your life, or eat only plain rice?
Veggie garden!    Would you rather have pinecones for fingers, or sausages for toes? Lol
Lol, so true Abk. I have mostly just been really curious because it's all so new! I'm sure that once they're actually leaky and I have to use nursing pads, the novelty will quickly wear off!
Haha, it was bugging me too when I was lopsided, Rainy  Mine only do any tricks if I squeeze them, and it's still only a tiny bit of liquid.. buy hey, it's something. Yay for your nursery being just about complete! I think we'll install our car seat on Sept 8.. exactly a month before my due date. I just got really emotional when I thought about our little girl being in the car seat, damn hormones lol. Your hypertension specialist sounds like a jackass. That's good that you...
New Posts  All Forums: