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I can definitely see some red in it, Graci. My husband is a red head too, and my father has red hair, so we would have been very surprised if Lily didn't have red hair! Whatever color Ivy's hair is, she's beautiful! I love that picture, she's so peaceful :) And those cheeks are so cute!
Danielle, she's beautiful!! Love your pictures, what a sweet baby girl! I was just thinking of you today :) Hope all's well!
Actually, waking up to pump at like 2am doesn't sound crazy to me haha! That makes sense to do it then. I always wake up really painfully engorged if Lily skips her 2/3am feeding.    I finally tried side lying nursing this morning, and even co-slept a bit for the first time after my husband had gone off to work. It was much more comfortable than I imagined it would be! I really loved snuggling with my little gal in bed. I thought I'd be too nervous to sleep with her next...
How's everyone doing? I hope everyone is healing comfortably and enjoying their sweet babies! How many weeks pp is everyone? How are you all feeling? :)
Thank you, Abk, John is so adorable!! He is definitely a beautiful little guy!    Eloise, she is precious! I love her facial expressions! It looks like her big brother loves her!
MaggieLC, thanks for the info, it's really helpful! I'm actually right handed, so I guess I'm one of those women who don't conform to that! It's good to know that the disparity between breasts milk production can be so drastic. My right side gets hard and full feeling pretty much between every feeding, while the left side is always really soft in comparison. Sometimes first thing in the morning the left is a little hard, but nothing like the right side. Very interesting...
Does your baby take both breasts during feedings? Lily will sometimes, so I'm confused about which side to pump when I start pumping. I don't want to take away from what she gets to eat at the next feeding, so what should I do? I assumed I should pump right after she eats, but which side? 
Thanks, Rainy! I definitely recommend the play gym! It's nice to have now that she's starting to focus on objects and be more interested in the world around her. Ours has a cute little mobile on it that plays music too. Lily seems to really like it.. for a few minutes at a time at least, haha
She is so cute, Rainy! Such a little sweetie!   Here's my little Lily :) She's starting to smile for us!   
Adoooorable, Abk!! 
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