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Superbeans, that's awesome! What a sweet lady! I don't know why people think it's appropriate to comment on a pregnant woman's size. If you wouldn't say it to a non-pregnant woman, chances are you shouldn't say it to a pregnant one! I also find it weird when people that I know ask me if I've gotten any stretch marks. It's like asking someone if they have cellulite- who really cares, and what business is it of yours? 
That's great news, Slammerkin! Bummer that you still have to test, but at least it's not a big issue!
Yep, I'm using bum genius :) Thanks!
I hope you can get some much needed rest, Shiloh! If nothing else, hopefully staying busy will help the next few weeks go quickly for you! How many weeks are you now? Sorry, I can't keep track! I agree, it's awesome that so far there aren't any preemies! 
How many pre-washes do brand new clothe diapers need? Just one? Or two? And for the ones with deep colors that may bleed in the first wash, should I wash the inserts with the "light" colored load? Sorry, so many questions! I just don't want to screw up my pretty diapers :)    Superbeans, I've been wanting to get a good stockpile of freezer meals too! My method has been to cook meals that freeze well for our dinners over the past few weeks, but to double the recipe,...
YES, exactly slammerkin! People look at my belly, then at me, and inevitably ask when I'm due. My cousin in law told me that I look like I'm about to pop. I think they all mean well, but it gets on my nerves after a while. I just want to be like, I'm fully aware that I have a big pregnant belly, folks! Calm down. Plus, when people say stuff like that to me, it makes me feel a little bad about myself because I don't think I'm all that big! Maybe I just don't realize...
I need to finish prewashing some baby clothes, and all of my CDs. I'd like to order some furniture, but I know part of my husbands family is doing a little shower for us next weekend, so I'm holding out until after that. Oh, and I should wash the crib sheets and any blankets as well. So, it's going to be a week full of laundry! Fun fun haha. Is anyone else cleaning like crazy? I feel the need to get every speck of dust/pet hair taken care of. We're having our carpets...
Seriously! My belly is like a torpedo. I still have a waist, pretty much, and you can't tell that I'm pregnant from behind at all! I think I just carry out front I guess?
Looking great, graci!    Here I am today at 34 weeks... Today a cashier asked if there's more than 1 in there. I didn't think I looked THAT big.  
Fingers are crossed Soleil! I didn't know that about not stopping labor after 34 weeks either! I'd happily welcome this little girl in 3 weeks! I hope you can make it til then!
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