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I love that you're so into the meaning of names, Soleil! We have always talked about having a little girl named Lily, so it was an easy choice for us once we knew we were having a girl :) And her middle name will be after my grandma who I was very close to. Maybe for our next baby, I'll research name meanings more while choosing a name :)   And thanks Danielle, that's one of the things I love about the name Lily! I think it's just classic, not overly trendy or trying...
You're all belly, Danielle! Looking good mama!
I love Delilah, Danielle! Or just Lilah. I'm a fan of the double L names :)
Cottage cheese was not the most ideal thing for me to be eating as I read through this thread hahaha..   Slammerkin, that's pretty much exactly what happens to me!! It's so annoying.   Dalia, I do the lean forward too, but unfortunately it doesn't help with the discharge    Ciga, you're probably right! I'm pretty pee-shy though, so not sure I'd have been able to get things flowing lol. I'm also planning to just buy new undies after baby is here. We've earned...
Aw, beautiful family, abk! 
I was so close to doing that, but there was a big group of men on motorcycles parked outside, so... haha, talk about inappropriate.    eloise, Yes! We're getting so close!
Lol, Abk, I wouldn't be at all surprised if I have been too. I swear I almost peed my pants a few weekends ago on a long road trip, it was awful. We stopped at a gas station, and I went inside to use the bathroom. I asked the elderly man behind the counter where the bathroom was, and he looked right at my big ol' pregnant belly, then at my face, and said there aren't any public restrooms. So cold! We ended up having to find a different place so I didn't pee all over...
Thanks, Shiloh :)
Our little girl will be Lily :)
Hahaha dalia, I feel like my boobs sweat soo much, and like my under arms get a little funky wayyy faster than they used to. I'm with you on feeling like I smell like a goat lol!   Ciga,Yes! Soo achey in the morning! And my pubic bone kills me if I sit still for too long.
New Posts  All Forums: