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No upper thigh/groin cramps here, but my pubic bone is soo sore! And my hips kill me at night when I'm trying to sleep!
Hahaha dalia, EXACTLY. 
Ciga, yeah, I'm having a little bit more than I had been. Sometimes it makes me think I peed a little, haha. It's not yellowish at all for me though, just white.. The consistency hasn't changed too much over the course of my pregnancy, although sometimes now it seems a little more liquid than before.    And you're so right! Pretty much everything here is tmi, hahaha! I don't even think there is such a thing on these boards as an overshare!
Soleil, your names are so unique and beautiful! My favorites from your list are Navi and Raya :)
I have them daily, and I'm with Dalia- they take my breath away. Recently they've been more crampy feeling instead of tight but painless, but not every time. 
Happi, you look so pretty! Who needs maternity clothes haha!   Slammerkin, woo hoo, 32 weeks, getting close! You look great!
That's really interesting Ciga! Now I know what to look for when my boobs start going crazy haha. Oh, and the left boob has joined in now too.    I typically feel really pretty, and I love my belly! And luckily, even though my poor husband is terrified to have sex with me, he does tell me that I'm beautiful and says sweet things about loving my belly because I'm carrying our daughter. He's a keeper. Just a keeper who's scared to get down to business 
What does the let down reflex feel like? 
He's special hahaha. Gotta love him though! I feel like he thinks it'll be like brandishing his junk at the baby or something. And I told him that it's not going to put me into labor unless my body is ready anyway, but he doesn't seem to believe me. If I initiated something, and then just turned it into sex I seriously doubt he'd stop me though. His will power is not strong enough for that haha! I told him that when I'm full term, we are having sex, no if ands or...
Don't be sorry, Abk :) I'm not all that upset by it, and he has no idea that I feel bad at all because I haven't brought it up. I'm not crazy about the thought of sex, or even know if it would still feel good for me! He's just scared to put me into labor and all he can think about is how close his business is to our baby girl's head lol! Men!  
New Posts  All Forums: