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Abk, I totally understand what you mean about feeling big! But at least your husband still wants sex! Mine is "weirded out" by the baby being right there. Not that I want to have tons of sex, haha, but a little attention would be nice! He used to be all over me, so it's been a little blow to my ego. 
Haha, well I did squeeze mine to see if anything would come out, so maybe "leaky" wasn't the best wording.. Hopefully it stays under control though lol. Mine isn't really yellow! It's pretty clear.. at least for now. I wonder why. 
Slammerkin, that's how I've been! Every movement just makes me wonder what body part it is. I found it comforting to at least know she's head down. I think my little one stays head down but pivets pretty frequently to face front or back. I have faith that she'll face the right way when the time comes (fingers crossed!). I'm glad your appt went well!    AFM, I officially have a leaky boob. Ol' righty sprung a leak this morning haha. I'm actually relieved because even...
Thanks for the info, Ciga! I would love to sleep more peacefully! I toss and turn all night, having to flip sides constantly because my hips and pubic bone get so achey.   Revolting- I hope you feel better soon!! 
Abk I love your belly! I haven't been brave enough to bare it yet haha. Maybe next time!   Ciga, you look fantastic! And I love your dress, it's so cute on you! I have a maxi maternity dress that I looove, it's similar to that one but purple!
Haha, I love it Maine Mama! You look great! 
Just got back from my doctor appointment, and everything looks great! Baby girl seems to be right on target for growth, and my doctor confirmed that she's head down. yay! I had suspected that she's been head down for a few weeks now, but it's a relief to hear it from someone who actually knows what she's doing :) . I've just been basing it off of where I feel the strongest kicks (feet), which have been up in my ribs. I was also relieved to see that my weight gain is...
Graci- I'm glad to hear that the midwife you saw today sounded so optimistic! That stinks that you have to wait 2 weeks to see your own midwife though, ugh. My fingers are crossed that everything keeps looking good for you and your little one!    I'm about to go to my doctor appointment, woo hoo! My doctor was out of town last week, so I haven't had a check up in 3 weeks, which felt like an eternity. I'm anxious to see how much weight I've gained, and I'm really...
I'd be really nervous too, Ciga. But maybe I'm just needy haha. I wouldn't want to risk my husband not being there for the birth- I'd freak out! I am in a similar situation, so I'm interested to see everyone's opinion on this as well! 
Happileigh, I have actually been lucky enough to enjoy pregnancy through all the discomforts and the continual nausea... But your post filled me with so much hope and happiness hahaha! I didn't realize how many little things will just disappear immediately, and that sounds fantastic to me! 
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