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You all are so talented! I love all the little dresses Happi, and all the other little clothes and everything- so cute!    Here's my pathetic attempt at the beginnings of a blanket... see how the end is curving up for some reason??   
Ok, so I just taught myself to crochet recently, and I'm having issues that maybe you talented ladies can help me with :) Why does everything I make curve?? I'm trying to make a blanket but for some reason it's curving, and I can't figure out why! I unraveled this piece once before and started over, and it was looking better, but now its curving again. Any ideas why that might be happening?
I would love some recipes for freezer packets for roasts and pot pies that you guys have mentioned! They sound so good, but I've never made them for freezer meals! 
Hahaha Shiloh, "wine will be on not just whine". I'm so thankful that I won't be pregnant during the winter holidays, they're my favorite, and I love wassail- if you've never had it, it's a hot spiced apple drink with wine in it. Sooo good. 
lol! Well it's still not very polite of people to comment! 
Yes! Even my own mother comments on how big I am! I'm really not even that  big! People are crazy haha, that's the only explanation I have. 
I'm such a homebody that I don't always feel like going out for a date night. Most of the time I'd rather just snuggle on the couch and watch netflix haha. That may change when the baby is here though, and we don't have the "just us" time whenever we want.
12 pounds is nothing, superbeans! I think people just aren't used to what pregnant bellies really look like sometimes. 
you look great! 
haha MaineMama, I'd die! I do not like being the center of attention at all, much less on a stage! It sounds like a great memory for you guys :)
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