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Haha, so it's a crap shoot? I'd be ok with this baby coming at 39 weeks! I'm feeling very impatient :)
Slammerkin, I feel your pain!! My pubic bone and hips wouldn't let me sleep last night. A pillow between my legs sometimes helps my hips, but the ache in my pubic bone just won't quit!    I saw my doctor yesterday and she says everything is looking great :) I'm measuring at 31 cm, so maybe a few days ahead of schedule? I'm not sure exactly if the fundal height really matters all that much if it's a little higher than expected. I'll be 31 weeks this coming Monday, so...
I know, I cannot wait!! I don't know about where you all live, but stores here are already putting out autumn and Halloween stuff!! All I can think is how my little one will be here before Halloween! So exciting!
You all look so great! We're getting really close!! 
Here I am this past Monday, at 30 weeks!   
Beautiful MaineMama! :) Side note, I love your kid's names! Gideon is one of my favorites for a boy!
Omg Ciga, how rude! I can't stand it when people comment on size. No matter what they say, you'll either end up feeling like you must be "too big", or that something must be wrong if you look "too small". Ugh. Well you look fantastic! Don't let rude people bring you down.    Danielle, Yikes! I hope everything turns out ok with your mom!    My birth plan is pretty tame haha.. Just planning to go to the hospital when the time comes! 
hahaha, Shiloh
I think wildgreen might mean that if she ever decides to have a drink, she will have frozen bmilk to use and won't have to worry about breastfeeding after having a drink. :)
Ohh, sorry I'm not any help Wildgreen! I was looking at a medela one originally. I've heard good things about avent as well. But, no personal experience!   I really hope to produce a really good supply like you, Shiloh, that way I can always have a good stockpile in the freezer!   I'm glad your appointment went well Danielle!
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