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Wildgreen, while I don't have a suggestion for a specific pump, I know that sometimes insurance will cover the cost to rent one. Just in case that's a better option for you than buying one. Those suckers are pricey! I'm going to go through insurance to save the cash.
Cute, Graci! Almost to the third tri for you, yay!
Ciga, what a nice compliment :) People can be so rude sometimes, it's a nice change when someone actually pays you a compliment! I had a friend over the other day, with her mom, and my friend wasn't trying to be rude, but when she and her mom walked into my house she said "Look how big she is!".. I know that my friend is just really excited, and to her me being big means the baby will be here soon. But still haha, people don't always think before they speak! On the other...
Thanks Shiloh and rainy! Thank goodness everything turned out ok, and my baby girl was alright! The doctor just told me to take it easy, and no sex for a week. I'm feeling much better today after a good night's sleep. My guess is that I might have had a stomach bug, and that was the culprit of the contractions. Thanks for the well wishes
Serafina, I think they just wanted to stop the contractions since they were close together. They didn't measure my cervix though so no idea
Well, I called the doctor and he told me to go into the hospital to get checked out. Turns out I was having contractions, so they monitored me and checked my cervix, plus gave me a shot to slow or stop the contractions. Cervix is closed, so that's good. No idea what caused the contractions though. 
Ugh. I've been awake since 330 this morning with abdominal pain. I don't know what I should do. It's like a constant radiating ache, but I can't pinpoint where it's coming from. Sometimes it feels like it's my ribs, but other times I feel it more in my back or sides. I can feel the baby moving a lot, so that's good. But I feel nauseous and threw up once. Nothing seems to help, there's no comfortable position to sit or lay in. I just hurt :-( What do you guys think it...
Looking good Lyndie! I'm glad the heatwave didn't bother you! I just spent as much time indoors as possible haha
Maine mama, I think I forgot to give a shout out to you! You look so pretty, such a cute baby belly! My doctor calls 28 weeks the start of the third trimester, but I've heard 27 weeks called the third too. 
YoginiMomma, maybe a better tactic for you could be learning to work through these feelings of the lack of control, instead of stressing yourself about not going over a certain number. I don't see any harm in setting a *healthy* goal for yourself, like a total of 30 pounds or something. That might be more doable than striving for a weight that just may not be attainable since you never know how much your baby will weigh, or how your body is going to react in pregnancy in...
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