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My little lady had a nasty diaper rash that just wouldn't quit, and we started using Earth Mama Angel Baby's, Baby Bottom Balm, and the rash is totally gone now. It's all natural, and safe for cloth diapers too. I definitely recommend it! I hope your baby boy's rash clears up soon! Poor little guy :(
My 5 week old does something similar, but usually just when I put her on my left breast. I worry about my supply on that side because that breast rarely feels full like the right side gets... She seems to be gaining weight, and has lots of wet/poopy diapers, but I just don't know what's up with my left breast :-/ She will nurse contentedly on the left at least half of the time, but gets fussy on it sometimes.. Sometimes I'm aware of a letdown, and can tell she's...
How are you doing, Shiloh? I'm not sure if I'm just oblivious or if I haven't seen you around here recently. 
Superbeans, I'm pretty sure Lily has reflux, but not that severe. To me (my inexperienced opinion) it sounds more like Hazel could have colic. I'd call her pediatrician- better safe than sorry since she's vomiting so often and not gaining weight. 
He's so cute, Abk!! 
Haha, I love milk drunk babies! And I love how she looks right into my eyes while she nurses sometimes. She just melts my heart.    I'm thinking of you ladies having troubles with breastfeeding! I hope everyone can get their struggles worked out very soon! But, if breastfeeding just doesn't work, don't feel bad. It's certainly not for lack of trying, and you are all great mommies! 
Yogi, congratulations on your baby girl! I'm sorry your labor was so rough, physically and emotionally! I'm sending healing thoughts your way!! My tearing wasn't that bad, but I used a cooling/soothing balm called New Mama Bottom Balm by earth mama angel baby. It's all natural and really helped the healing process and took the edge off the pain. I also noticed that my pain/bleeding was much worse if I moved around too much, and like I said my tearing was a lot less severe...
Oops, sorry superbeans, I must have missed/forgotten that you saw a LC already. 
Hahaha Slammerkin, "groundskeeping" is such an instant mood boost sometimes 
Don't give up Superbeans, is there a LLL you can go to, or a lactation consultant at a hospital nearby? I'm so sorry it's such a struggle for you right now 
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