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Abk, this little girl has been kicking me in the cervix too!! Such an odd feeling. And I pee pretty much every half hour.    My pregnancy is going by at a pretty comfortable pace now. The first trimester was sooo slow, but now it's going fast enough that I don't feel like I'm losing my mind waiting for more time to pass, but I still have time to enjoy everything. I really do love being pregnant. I'm excited to meet my baby, but I know I'll miss this. 
http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1384112/weekly-thread-may-27th-april-2nd   I just realized there's a new thread, so I thought I'd link it for those of us who forget to check :) Like me haha
Haha yes, Abk!! I get sooo irritated that people are treating me like I'm suddenly going to forget how to walk! I love wearing heels but rarely get to - unless it's for a wedding or something. But since I'm in both weddings this summer, I don't get to decide what to wear. Would it be too rude to change into cuter heels for the reception? Lol
I have an anterior placenta as well, but I'm almost positive it's far to the right side. I've been feeling kicks for awhile now, but pretty much never on the right. I think it all depends on placement I'm sure you have nothing to worry about! As the baby grows, you'll be feeling tons of movement.
As Abk, you really do look great! And OMG, I LOVE those shoes!! everyone around me is acting like I'm suddenly incapable of wearing heels higher than like 2 inches. I say that doesn't even count as a heel haha. It's so frustrating. I'm in a wedding in a few weeks and have to wear these ugly kitten heels. Not thrilled haha. Obviously they weren't my choice!
Revolting, this will be my first child, and I know I'm not experienced in this, but I am willing to bet that you are a fantastic mama. Parenting is not easy, and there will be days for every mom/dad where they feel like they're not doing a good job. But ya know what? No one is perfect, and that's ok! I'm positive that you're a great and loving mother to the kids you have, and that you'll be just as amazing to the new baby. Big hugs to you lady! Keep your chin up...
Ciga, it was such a strange feeling! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had them so far. My uterus was rock hard! I was like what the-- ohh I know what this is. It was a little uncomfortable because of my round ligament pain, but just achey really. I really need to get into a good exercise routine too. It's just been hard because we're remodeling some of our house, which has been taking most of our free time. Have fun (and good luck) at your family reunion! I get sick...
I'm going on 21 weeks (also having a little girl, yay!), and still have random days of nausea and food aversions. I'm grateful that mine is just off and on now, though. I was really sick from about 6 weeks til 13 weeks, when it finally tapered off. When I was really sick, my doctor told me to take a benedryl to calm the nausea. It really helped me, maybe you could try it? Or ask your doctor what he/she recommends. Feel better soon!
Hi John! Welcome back Has anyone been feeling any Braxton hicks yet? I just had my first one. It was just really weird feeling, not painful. I'm 20+4, so I've read that it's normal for this stage of pregnancy.
Yay, Rainyday! Glad your appt went so well :) It's so nice to have that reassurance!    Em, I was thinking that I need to start some light yoga as well. We take walks, and my job keeps me pretty active, but I think it will be beneficial for me and baby if I get in some more exercise.    AFM, we just got back from our 20 week appt as well, and everything is looking great! My doctor commented on how much my little girl was moving around; we could hear it on the...
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