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She looks a lot like you Danielle! You have cute kids! My little gal was born with a head full of red hair- I love it!    Yogini, I'm thinking of you, hope all's well!    Abk, I think the most "me time" I'd want right now is just a nice warm bath and a glass of wine. Just a short time to be able to turn off. Other than that, I'm happy snuggling my baby and just enjoying her! I left her with my mom for 15 mins a few days ago when I had to take our dog to the vet, and I...
It's hard to find time for myself with just one little one, You are definitely a super-mom Em!! Way to go on the trick or treating! And here I am feeling accomplished if I manage to go grocery shopping, lol! I'm having issues finding the time to de-stress as well. My husband is great, but sometimes I'm the only one who can calm Lily if she's fussy, so I don't always get a break even when he's home from work. 
Lily has some diaper rash too, poor thing. I'm hoping it'll clear up with the cloth diapers! 
Wow, great story! Congratulations again!!
Em, my little gal is a nursing machine too! Donovan sounds like such a sweetie :) I'm using bumgenius diapers, and really like them too so far even though Lily is still a bit small for them. They come in pocket as well as all in one, and they're one size. I think they say 8-35 pounds or something. 
I'm thinking Lily might actually be a little small for her cloth diapers after all.. No major mess/leaks but her legs don't quite fill out the leg openings and moisture gets out.
Graci, I am a sweaty beast too!!! No joke, I wake up soaked in sweat pretty much nightly. It's gross. 
Agreed, Rainy-- I cannot believe that it's been 3 weeks since I had Lily. Boggles the mind! We have a cosleeper too, that I haven't actually used in the bed yet. Lily sleeps in the cosleeper, in the bassinet by the bed, haha. She just looked so small and lonely in the bassinet and the cosleeper seems much more cozy. I'm hesitant to bring the cosleeper into our bed, because my husband is a really really heavy sleeper, plus my cat sleeps with us as well, and I'm worried not...
Congrats, Peacemama! I was just thinking about you, and wondering if you had your little one yet! You look great, and zen as always :)
I feel your pain (literally), Slammerkin. I'm finally on antibiotics after having blocked ducts/mastitis twice in a week. This second bout of it was way worse- high fever, lots of boob pain, no fun. I hope yours clears up for you!! I read that massaging the affected breast can help. About the latch/let down issue, here's a link to a page I read last night that helped me understand helping Lily breastfeed more happily/effectively. Maybe it can help you too...
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