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So far so good this week :) Monday went so fast!   My husband and I are completely doing the nursery from scratch :) He's been refinishing the wood floors, and we're choosing paint colors! I love it! We'd also like to redo our kitchen before the little one comes, but we'll see if that actually happens haha!   I'm 15 weeks today, wooo! And I'm loving feeling the little bumps from the baby :) So amazing!
Chuord, that's correct :) I liked it because the wondfos are so cheap, that you don't feel like you're wasting money every time you get a negative OPK, since the CB's are so pricey. That way you only use the expensive ones for a few days!
Oxford, what OPKs have you used? I used a combo of Wondfo's and Clearblue to pinpoint O. My method was to use the Wondfo's in the week or so leading up to when I expected to O (this way if it came early, I wouldn't miss it), and then to use both Wondfo and CB on the days when the Wondfo was starting to darken. And then to be even more sure of when I O'd, I would test twice a day- morning and night on the days when I knew O was imminent.. it sounds like overkill haha, but...
Congrats again Sparkle! What a great picture :) Hope you're feeling well, and have smooth sailing!
Target has some cute stuff, so does Old Navy... on a not so cheap note, you could check Nordstroms, A Pea in the Pod, Gap..
Danielle, so sorry for your loss, sending big big hugs your way. I was very close to my grandma; I know how hard it can be to lose someone so loved. xo   Slammerkin- It could totally have been the baby that you felt! It's still early, so I'm sure that if it was the baby, it's completely normal to only have felt it that once. Congrats on feeling the little flutters so early! Soon they'll be stronger, I'm sure :)   AFM, I've been feeling movement as well! It's like...
That should have said ciga, not viva
Viva, that's awesome! Both about feeling movements and the preschool I've started feeling little sensations too!
Oh, and big hugs to anyone who got AF!!
Yeah I'm feeling much better in most ways time is flying now!!
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