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can you use the cream if you haven't already done so and are 4 weeks pregnant?  I have had two early loses so I'd love to know quickly.... also I am taking Maca root powder which is a hormone balancer.... I also am nursing my 18 month old son   THanks in advance   Viviana
Being a member of a community like this makes me feel less alone.  Whether it be mom's who co-sleep, attachment parents or just simply moms who have a question or two about what colour the poop should be, you never feel alone.     Mothering to me means teaching our boys to grow up and be great men, to be leaders and respect women.... it means loving our sons unconditionally and taking care of our unborn baby as best as we can until we get to meet them.  It's about...
I found this and though it is an old thread I do Placenta Encapsulation in Toronto for those who do not wish to do it themselves.  And if you are out of my area I can even send you a kit to DIY with Instructions...    Cheers, Viviana Doula and Encapsulation Specialist.
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