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Now I'm not sure... I'm sorry. I'm going to ask her to contact you. Thanks! Blessed birthing ;)  
Hi, She is planning a hospital birth at Magee I think... her insurance doesn't cover the birthng center or the other hospital option that she might use midwives... their money is really tight. Thanks for responding. Do you doula for hospitals? How long have you been a doula? What do you charge? Peace, Barbara  
Hi, I just stumbled on to this conversation  from 2009, while trying to help my niece find birthing options in Pittsburgh.  I am a CNM in Schenectady NY and may not get to her in time to doula even, but she seems to think the options are very limited.  I am fortunate to live in a state which licenses midwives who aren't CNM, and home birth is legal... We have 8 home birth options here with licensed providers, and some hospital midwives, lots of doulas... Hoping there...
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