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Hey i'm new here so I'm not quite sure how to use the site so if i over post in the same place, sorry! I'm Sharon and I'm a 19 year old SAHM to an 8 month old boy named Connor. My hubby is a navy vet so all of my mommy friends are military wives and end up moving away so I am on the hunt for a new, more permanent group of mommies! I would love to find a mommy and me group or at least a mom or two close to my age. I try to be friendly so feel free to message me (hopefully...
Howdy everyone I'm new here! My name is Sharon and I am 19 and a SAHM to a beautiful little 8 month old boy (and by little I mean 24lbs...so a hefty little 8 month old) named Connor (I call him Cookie). I was wondering if there were any SAHMs in my area that were looking for friends? My hubby is a navy veteran and was stationed at Bethesda Naval aka the "New" Walter Reed so all of my mommy friends are military wives and subsequently end up having to move away. I try to...
Were you ever able to find a local play group? I have an 8 month old son and I live in Silver Spring and am seeking the same thing!
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