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Thank you all! I am heading to the store to buy protein for the protein shakes :) I haven't been restricting myself per se, but haven't actively tried to gain weight - so the tip about the shakes is such a good tip! I'm also going for my doctor's appointment tomorrow, and I will definitely bring this issue up.    Emelee, thanks! :)))
I just got mine Kolcraft Countours off Craigslist for $100, and I figured it can double up as a snap-and-go for the first couple of months. A friend who also has it told me that if she wasn't driving somewhere, she didn't bother with the car seats - just used the infant neck support, and the stroller's seat was enough on its own. I'm also planning on buying a jogging stroller off a Craigslist or from Just-between-friends sale, since my husband runs regularly and I'd like...
Hello, everyone!   I am 23w6d with two girls, and was just recently given Dr. Luke's book on multiple pregnancy. In it I read that I should have been concentrating on gaining weight early on, which kind of freaked me out. I have only gained 16 lb. so far, and was actually pacing myself not to gain more, since that's what your typical weight gaining charts will tell you to do. I am currently at the bottom of the optimal range based on BabyCenter's chart. The OB hasn't...
Brambleberry, hope everything goes well this weekend!
Thank you, everyone, for your replies! They are all very helpful, in seeing that there are so many different approaches out there... Sorry I didn't respond earlier - my schoolwork load is crazy busy nowdays, since I am trying to work ahead in anticipation of the girls' arrival.    We are still playing the alphabet game, although my husband started saying things like "I probably will have to see them before I could name them." I'm more with macrandall on this - I...
Katie,    Thank you so much for starting the new thread! And sorry to not have been posting - I'm trying to finish the last semester of coursework, and it turned out one of the crazier semesters of my program.    Since my last appearance here, we have found out that we are having two girls, and I finally felt the babies move. I was getting very anxious about not feeling them, since it wasn't happening as early as my OB suggested it would - I even started to think...
We finally found out whom we are having (two girls, yay!), and now the name searching begins in earnest. What I would like to ask you all is - when did you settle on your multiples' names? Did you wait until you saw and got to know them a little? Did you say that Baby A will have such-and-such name and Baby B- another?  We are worried - what if we settle on names, and then assign them to the "wrong" twin?    Thanks, mamas!
Colsxjack,    I'm expecting my twins in April-May, so I don't have any words of wisdom to impart, but I wanted to say - thank you for asking this question!! I learned so much just by reading the replies! And if you care to share your experience, as you go along, there are quite a few of new parents who'd appreciate it, I am sure. 
13pumkins and renap - you guys are the treasure trove of information!    I'll be stacking up on those prefolds, then. 
This probably is a silly question, but do those of you who use a co-sleeper also tandem-nurse at night? How does it work with a co-sleeper? 
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