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Brambleberry and rinap - thank you! 40 to 48 is definitely more than I thought I needed, so I am very glad I asked.    And rinap - I had no clue that infant prefolds can fit into grovia diapers! Now there's a hole new, and cheap, possibility that I didn't know was available. Especially if I'll be using prefolds for the time when they are newborn. Thanks so much! 
First of all, thank you, myk, for starting this thread! I am trying to make similar decisions, and this is super helpful.        MomtalksCDs, thank you also for the updated info on these! I get the idea that air drying these is super important. Good thing we live in Texas!
Can I jump in with my question, as well? I am planning on buying 14 GroVia diapers (shells, I guess?) and 24 soaker pads (so 7 and 12 per twin).    I hope to do laundry every other day - so I figured that if I have 6 soaker pads per kid, per day, that should be enough. With GroVia shells, you don't have to change the shell every time, half the time you can just change the, so I figured that 3.5 per kid per day will do it. Am I completely off? Should I get more? All...
  Ok, that was super stupid of me! What can I say? I saw "EDD," and thought it was something else.  Now, for the REAL answer - my EDD is June 5th. 
Hello, everyone!   I am excited to join this community. It looks like you are all pros at having twins! :) So here are my answers to the questions:   You and maybe your partners age at the birth? 34 and 35 respectively.    Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? Right now it looks like Di (two placentas, two sacs), but the doctor said that we won't know for sure until our 20-week sonogram.   What number of kids will is be for you? 1st and...
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