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Hey, I posted in the "Not Vaccinating" group once before seeing this group.. new to "mothering".  I have a 2 year old, and he is being vaccinated.. but very slowly.  So far he's completed the Hep B series and had a DTap (luckily, since we didn't do them every couple months when he was an infant.. he's good for a couple years before they'll even start recommending it again). I'm curious what vaccines people have chosen to have their child receive/ not receive.. and...
Thanks!  I didn't even realize there was a separate section depending on where you live, but I'm glad there is!  I was talking to a friend who took her daughter to a "chicken pox" party... and was like "where do you find one???"  And she told me I needed more "crunchy" friends, lol.  When I saw this site, I thought it might be a good place to make some :).
Hi ladies, I'm new to "mothering.com"  We just moved about 30 minutes from our old doc, and looking for a new pediatrician for my son.  I am giving him some vaccines, so hopefully I'm still welcome in this group!  He is 2, and he's had two so far.. so we're going very slowly, and will probably completely skip some. Does anyone live in my area, and have recommendations for a doctor that is informed/accepting of alternative vaccine schedules/skipping vaccines?? Thank...
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