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one of my friends told me that his penis really hurt due to the foreskin not being retracted until he was 21. he had been suffering in silence for that long I am the only one that he has ever told. if I asked he would probably say that he is still glad he wasn't cirmcised
can I ask a stupid question seeing as I am not a guy or a mother I hope I don't get into trouble for this being off the topic um I've heard that baby boys discover their genitals and like to play with them, (and females can apparetnly put things in theirs like peas and grass ) do they actually really masturbate at such a young age ? or is it just around 14 that it starts ?
I have always been totally atheist too,and I still am I was renting a house once and the people whose were living there before me told me they moved o ut because it was haunted by be of the girls grandfather who was watching over them. I didnt feel anything weird in the house, but I thought that it was nice that the grandfather had been there watching out for them. better than some burglar breaking in. your son sounds like he is very caring (and also very brave) I was...
let us know if we can help in any way my friend from Zimbabwe is going back home in her holidays to help out at the hospital. here parents are both nurses. I'm pretty sure they had formed a group that was going back. also over here (maybe over thereto ? ) we have groups of doctors from private hospitals (especially hollywood - inaustralia) who go to places in need every so often and help out. ( eg they went to some remots place, I forget where exactly and took a whole...
does she have any other abnormal labs ? symptoms ? high blood pressure ? or symptoms ? I thought all she had was a platelet level of 130 and nothing else
oh how interesting thanks for telling me that
g you really suffer over in the USA. over in Australia we get free medical. I sympathise with you. it must be really hard to pay off such debts.
thanks for bringing that up platelets from 50 to 100 is only moderate thrombocytopenia and poses little risk to the mother, but platelets must be monitored. it is when levels get below 50 that it becomes significant, 20 is the figure the haematologists at the hospital where I work quote as the level at which action is required (otr if there is bleeding 50) . my obs and gyne textbooks quote the same figures also a platelet count of less than 80 is a contraindication to...
that's why I don't swim I public pools gross http://www.google.com.au/search?q=utube+please+dont+pee+in+the+pool&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-gb&client=safari check out the really cool song
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