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Mama, I would wait for therapy to bring this up. This seems like an incredibly sensitive topic and I totally understand why you'd want to avoid it. However, this is the perfect kind of thing to work with a therapist on. You need someone to mediate this issue.
Oh how scary, mama. I am hoping so hard for you that everything is okay and works out. I've never had second tri bleeding but in every single one of my pregnancies, I have had heavy first tri bleeding and it is so hard to be in limbo.
 is this for real?  this "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" attitude that is rampant in our society should not apply to children and FOOD.  we have absolutely no idea why their parents cannot afford to pay the lunch fee.  it could be financial irresponsibility, it could be a terminal illness in the family, it could be mom's drug addiction, it could be a gambling dad while mom is desperately trying to hold on to the family, it could be unemployment, could be dad left mom...
let's also try to ignore the double chin that this pregnancy has thus far graced me with me.
  11.5 weeks and feeling like a large aquatic mammal.  I'm with mariehoney...this is my third and my core just gave up completely when I peed on that stick.  I'm not exactly a tiny thing, but this belly is...pronounced.  there is no way I can hide it without very baggy clothing.
I am eating SO SO badly and I can feel myself just packing on the pounds.  I am hungry 24/7, no matter what I eat.  it is absolutely awful.  I am a full-time student and spend most of my time on my butt, in coffee shops.  that translates to me scarfing terrible baked goods, just because I am starving and they are around.  I am easily, easily consuming close to 3,000 calories a day, but I'm just hungry!  and for the worst things!   this pregnancy is incredibly...
HOOKED up not hooking up lol
Thank you, ballardbaby. I had no idea either until a very prolife friend of mine posted an article about it maybe eight months ago. I read it out of sheer curiosity but never considered it further, until right after I took the pill and knew id made a terrible mistake (for me). I was hooking up with an incredible OB who has just been a real blessing in my life. The whole clinic has been very supportive and very flexible financially with me. The theoretical "antidote"...
Oh man, you ladies get it. It is TOUGH but impossible to not have some love for this child. I'm in kind of a unique situation because I actually did try to abort this pregnancy. I got halfway through a medical abortion and after taking the abortion pill, sought out an OB who was registered with a foundation to try to reverse it. I went in 24 hours after ingesting the pill, and lo and behold...the babe was alive. I suffered a mega bleed that afternoon, and the nugget...
late but...I am due august 23rd :)
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