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I held onto my waters until late in birth all 4 times. I was well into transition and submerged in a birthing pool when they did finally burst. Pushing always came soon after. I like to think it added some cushion to my babies journey through the canal. Go home birth!
We are 10 months pp and have been abstaining for the past 4 months. I HAVE NEVER WANTED MY PERIOD TO COME AS BADLY AS I DO NOW!.. Okay, sorry for shouting. I have used NFP with all 4 of my children. I too am irregular and am determined to keep it natural. Seems that cervical mucus has always been pretty reliable. If its like stretchy egg whites, I wait 3 days. And I don't trust pulling out!!
http://www.npr.org/2012/12/11/166957242/the-deadly-return-of-whooping-cough                       I am not surprised after reading this NPR article, that the doc sent us away 9 days ago with the prognosis of “allergies”.  Doctors are not looking for pertussis.  Apparently there are a number of doctors these days who are not even being educated to recognize whooping cough.                  We saw the doc as soon as we suspected the kids might have it, (a single...
Thank you ladies. I stayed up way too late reading the bounty of posts on here, but it was worth it. Velveeta, I am encouraged by your words. I am going to get my hands on some ascorbic acid and proceed with caution. Thank you again.  
This started with my DD 6 getting a fever.  It domino effected over the next week, with sneezing and flu like symptoms. 3 and a half weeks of coughing later... my DD 6 is getting over it fine, my DS 5 is still having night time attacks but not vomiting any more, my DD 3 and my DD 5mo are both coughing throughout the day and having attacks/vomiting at night. I keep waiting for them to show signs of improvement, but nothing. Took them to the doc. He listened to their lungs...
Naomi Stadlen book What Mothers Do is different from other "baby manuals" because there is no training method. There is simply the mother to mother validation that this moment with your baby is unique and should be treated as such. Instead of the million suggestion of what TO do, Stadlen beautifully describes how a mother doing "nothing" is actually doing everything by giving herself to her baby. I highly recommend it.
For the spouse... What Mothers Do, Especially When It Looks Like Nothing. Loved laughed and learned a lot from this one. Wish I had a copy still, gave it away.
 After 5 years as a SAHM with 3 children, I resorted to a "mommy and me" play group at a local Gym. It took a whole year of Wednesdays (sometimes I went home and cried because I knew I would have another friendless week ahead of me) before I finally made a connection with another mom. We joke now about how awkward it was for me to ask for her phone number. But it was all worth it. Having just one friend inspired me with enough confidence to reach out to other people. SO...
:) My husband John has been my best friend through all 4 of our births, and he always knows how to make me laugh.
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