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Thanks for your responses! I ended up failing the screening the following day as well. I have an appointment on Wednesday to see what the doctor is going to have to say about it. 
I scored 158 on my one hour test yesterday :(  I have to go get the long one tomorrow... 
I'm not sure if there is already a thread about this, but I am 31 weeks pregnant and I failed the pre-screening at my doctor's office yesterday. So tomorrow I have to go and take the three hour screening to see if I actually have it. Does anyone else have anything like this going on? If so did things change drastically for you after you were diagnosed ? I'm feeling a little nervous... 
Me at 21 weeks and two days     
I'm 20 weeks today and I've yet to feel anything  =( 
Completely wrong for me! 
20 weeks today and I've still felt NOTHING! =( 
It's a boy!!!! =) Totally thought it was a girl though but that's okay! 
Just found out this morning! It's a boy =)  Crazy because I was SOOO sure it was a girl. Everything looks healthy so far. =)    Here is the ultra sound of his "package"     
I have my ultrasound tomorrow! I'm so excited, I hope the baby will be in a good position for us to tell! I can hardly wait! 
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