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What the heck are knitting looms?
Thanks nice to meet you too  
I've done a pair of socks for myself and these were the first thing I ever knit in my life so I think I did pretty well on them :)     Knit one of 2 itty bitty baby sockies for my best friend's little baby who's only just going to be 3 months old on christmas eve, I'm making him a matching hat with that, my friend's other son wil also get camo socks and I'm making my best friend a matching pair as well :)   This is the first of 2 I'm not impressed that I had...
Hi all wondering if I can join in here, I've been on this site before but forgot what my old username was, been a pot smoker since I was 15 years old and don't intend to quit that anytime soon, anyways looking forward to chatting with all of ya's!
Hey I'm Krystal a single mama to a wonderful lil man named CJ, I love to knit, crochet, anything out doors really. I used to have an account here but I can't remember the user name I used. Anyways hope to get to know all you all better :)
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