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I've been looking into the cinnamon! Did you take cinnamon supplements or does ground cinnamon work as well? I've been starting to mix a 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon in with something each day (coffee, yogurt, etc.). Have you heard whether that is as effective as the supplement/pill form?  
I just found out that I am pregnant with baby #3. I was diagnosed w/ GD with my last 2 pregnancies and controlled them through diet alone. My blood sugar levels have been fine when I'm not pregnant. I lost all my baby weight from baby #2, but am still about 10-15# over an ideal weight. I exercise 2-3 times a week and eat semi-healthy (I know I could probably do much better). Any tips for trying to avoid GD this time around? I'm assuming it's probably inevitable I'll have...
I'm pregnant with baby #3. I was induced with baby #1. Started with the pill in the cervix, then the balloon, then pitocin. I was in the hospital for 30 hours with all this before my daughter was born & was on full strength pitocin for most of it. With baby #2, my water broke on it's own a few days before my due date. My doctor told me to come right to the hospital, but I wasn't having real contractions. I tried a warm bath in the hospital and nipple stimulation for a...
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