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Have you looked into Lego camps, robotics camps. Usually the are day camps and don't include overnight. I know our ymca has some fun camp options, as does our parks and rec centers. Im not sure about overnight or weeks away options though.
I know a few friends whose child have remarkably improved in their hyperactivity and behavior after removing artificial dyes, specifically red dye 40. Thankfully, this is nothing new and there are A LOT of companies that make treats without artificial dyes or sweeteners, so the kids don't have to miss out!    I don't have any further advice or experience on sleeping or other sensitivities. I hope the above advice helps! Good luck!
I recently got my son's CogAT scores back from his testing in February. He got an 81% in Verbal, 94% in Quantitative and 97% in Non-verbal. I was pretty surprised at his low verbal score. I was certain that would have been his highest (based many things). I called the Highly Capable department to ask about appealing, and spoke with the department head. He looked up my son's scores and agreed that it was worthy of an appeal. They said they err on the side of caution with...
Perhaps that is where I was going "where do we differentiate between child-led and parent-lead learning"    It really is an open-ended question. One that I have struggled with, though, because I think I am a different learner than my son is -not that I really have pin-pointed how he learns exactly. I'm sure I sound really scatter brained :) I tend to be very organized and structure. He does not seem to be, whether it is currently age related or personality like his dad. I...
Those are good responses. My child says "I know" if he receives a compliment on his abilities. :/ It seems to be an automatic reply. I'm not sure if it is a cover for an insecurity or possible embarrassment -he's generally very modest except when it comes to a compliment on his abilities (this response is usually when it involves the word "smart" from a stranger). We're working on "thank you" instead.
This was supposed to quote Kattabel. LOL I don't post in here a lot, can you tell? :)
Also very good points!   I'm sorry to  hear about the negative feedback. :( How did your DS take it? With all the complaints about education and how America is failing our children ("average" children -for lack of a better descriptor) you would think the stranger would be marveled!
Hmm.. those are good points, and a pretty good distinction between the two.
This is more of a general question, not something I am worried about. My son is currently 6. I just read something recently and it brought the question in mind -if there is really a difference between the two.   Thanks for the reply!
I have read a few times where someone mentioned that your child is advanced/ahead/etc. if they did not have to be taught the information they know earlier than their age-peers. At what point does exposing become "teaching" ? Does teaching consist of repetition in explanation ? For example, my son knew his letters, letter sounds, numbers 1-10 in English and Spanish, around 18 months -but they were all from songs we sang or a toy he played with (VTech tote n go computer I...
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