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Thanks gals! I PMed my email.
Ok thanks. Any links or websites about group b risk to baby now? I couldn't find anything when I looked.
My midwife called about a week or so ago and told me I had group B strep in my urine.  I believe I tested positive for my DD but for the swab towards the end of pregnancy.  I've been prescribed a category B antibiotic (not a penicillin because I'm allergic) because I think she wants to get rid of it so I don't have IVs if I don't want them for labor.  I've never taken anything while pregnant and told her I was hesitant about it.  When I looked the medicine up it hadn't...
Thanks for your feedback!  She now sits on the potty a lot althought we don't get too many catches yet.  We've had a few pees on there where she tells us beforehand.   And she now understands cue words, cue sounds, and sometimes the sign for potty. 
I wouldn't use any of the carriers listed that I saw on that website, except maybe the Ergo.  We have a Boba 3G and it works well - especially with the higher back when my daughter arches her back in the carrier.  There are good websites with for sale or trade boards where you can find a good carrier and find good recommendations too.  Some of the carriers are well loved and some are almost like new.  A website for reviews of tons of different babywearing items is...
Looking for any thoughts/advice/support/etc since we are just starting after reading Diaper Free Baby from the library.    She HATES getting her diaper changed and her bum wiped.  She seems to catch on fast to most things like giving me her toothbrush when she's done, helping to clean up a bit, kicking a ball, etc. Much faster than I expected anyway.   So that's why I figured we'd try this - plus I feel TERRIBLE about letting her go in her own pants for so long...
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