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Oct 8, 2013 McKayla Maria 8lbs 11oz baby girl
11:40 EST delivery time 8lbs 11oz 21 inches She started nursing like a champ! Doc did check me before we prepped for the c-section. I was still high and at a lose 1cm. So, here she is! ❤️
Here is my 40 week pic. McKayla will be here in about 3 hours. Off to the hospital in about 30 min.
Hawaiian thank you for the story!! So happy for you!!
Ladies you all look so beautiful!!
Em, so sorry to hear what you are going through. My ex was there but not supportive. He was so worried about himself, well that is why we divorced. My ex was more worried about his next deer hunt or poker game to give a darn what I was going through. I suppose I stuck around longer than I should have due to his mom being my support on account of her son being absent. Afm, I'm scared and bummed. Yet thankful, my branch at work thinks i'm glowing?!? Explain that to me. Oh,...
Awww...too cute!!
Hi mamas, I'm still hanging in there. 39+5. I've been looking at the pics of the new babies and reading delivery stories. I'm ready for baby to be here. I had some great lower back pain throughout the day which got my hopes up but no real change in intensity. At my DD soccer game I saw light colored white spots. I'm guessing it was because of the heat and sun. I've been eating like crazy since we got home. After the game we finally went and picked up a stroller and car...
Beautiful story!!
Wow congratulations mama's!! I give you ladies so much credit and respect for birthing without meds!!! Dahlia - baby will come, you are still quite early for your first baby!! Hang in there!! Hugs!! Afm...I'm flipping exhausted. Spent the day cleaning and getting the house in order. You'd think that no one in my house ever cleans! I'm wondering if anything will start tonight with baby. 11 years ago tonight (8pmish) my contractions started with my DD. I delivered on oct...
New Posts  All Forums: