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i've never liked the taste of beets and have avoided them mostly, however, i got beets in my csa basket. my thought was to juice them and then drink the juice quickly, which i did. this was followed by a burning in my throat and vomiting. hours later, i still feel pretty bad and my throat still feels as though it was burned. a friend suggested that i might have just had too much. i drank a full glass. thoughts? and is there anything that will help me feel better?
I looked up cabbage maggots and they aren't the same thing that I have in my garden. They are white and clustered around the new leaves in the center of each plant. They aren't worm like at all, but more like aphids only white.
they look like tiny white things all over the very tips of my cabbage. these were the same buggers who ate my cauliflower. what are they? and what can i do about it?
I saute any greens I have and add them to spaghetti sauces or enchilada sauce. I also mix them with whatever veggies I have on hand, saute, add black beans and make veggie burritos. Very tasty.
DS is prone to saying that lately. I know it's just a phase and obviously, he loves me. I want him to stop saying it and realize how hurtful it can be to hear something like that. When I tell him that it hurts my feelings, he seems unphased. First, is this normal? and second, How do I get him to stop saying it?
Camp ground toilets can be pretty disgusting and I will not lean over the stench to wipe my sons bottom or have him put his hands all over the seat. At 5 I'm sure he'll be wiping himself and be able to be more careful about touching the seat. Yeah that is way more disgusting than bringing a potty with us. Thanks for the suggestions
so, uh, how do you deal with 3 year old pooping while camping. i certainly don't want him to use the public restroom.
we traveled to costa rica when ds was almost 2. we didn't vax and i did worry about mosquitos. he had a long sleeved rash guard and i found a mosquito repellent that i felt comfortable with. we also had a mosquito net over our bed. ds got one mosquito bite the entire time and we had a great time. totally worth the trip. (on a side note totally unrelated.... in costa rica, thieves target people with children as they are more distracted. dh turned around to pick up a toy...
mexican lasagna is one of my new favorites. basically, i dice whatever veggies we have. onions, garlic, red pepper and any leafy green are the main veggies, but i add whatever else we have too. mix those veggies with two cans of black beans, a jar of salsa and a teaspoon of cumin. simmer it all until it's cooked through. layer 6 corn tortillas, the veggie mix and a cup of chedder/jack shredded. then another 6 tortillas, veggies and cheese. put it into a 350 degree oven...
any vaccines i need to look at for ds who is not currently vaxed?
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