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Quote: Originally Posted by lisalulu My DS does this a lot too and he has since about 2.5yo. I'm not a big fan of it but I go along with it for the most part. He will often tell me what to say and at least half the time the scenarios revolve around something going on in his or our life. So I try to think of it as a way for him to process stuff a la "Playful Parenting" But it can be a bit boring and sometimes I'm guilty of reading a magazine while...
He's constantly pushing toys in my face saying "I want you to talk for my ____". I can't stand it. Sometimes I'll humor him and do it but I feel like I'll go insane the whole time. There's not always the opportunity to invite other kids over and even when I do, he's right back to it after they leave, sometimes with more vengeance. It's driving me insane.
Well I decided to bribe him. So far it's working like a charm and I'm only a little ashamed of myself.
I for one have really appreciated this thread. Periodically I rethink my decision not to vax. The responses and debate (even though it wasn't an intended debate forum) helped to reinforce all of the reasons I originally made my decision. Thank you all.
he's had pertussis and is still coughing. it was never severe and he never slowed down. i was actually surprised to find out what it was since it was so mild. my homeopath calls it the hundred day cough. he's on about day sixty. for the past couple of days he's had what seems like a cold. my dh is bothered by the oak pollen and we thought this might be the case. tonight he coughed and threw up. he also has white blisters just inside his lower lip. any ideas?
my ds is pretty good with peeing on the potty. i still have to remind him but he seldom has an accident and always wakes up dry. the problem is pooping on the potty. he just won't do it. i keep hearing how people just decide not to buy diapers anymore and after about a week, it's done. not my son. it's frustrating me. i ask him in intervals if he needs to poop, but only rarely catch it. sometimes he'll sit there, say he doesn't need to go and then five minutes later, i'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by lilbsmama Can't remember if this link has been posted already or not, and I'm too riled up to look. When you looks at this, how could you let someone stab your babies with $h*t like this? http://www.vaccination.inoz.com/ingredie.html Thank you for this link. Great information
This concerns me. It's not just autism that I worry about. The possible long term affects of other toxins in vaccinations worries me. I think you take a great leap of faith when you decide to vaccinate, greater imho that the threat of the illnesses vaccines prevent. I just don't have that kind of trust in pharmaceutical companies.
When my ds got pertussis, I asked my homeopath about it. She said that pertussis is actually a good illness to get (as long as it's managed well) because it makes your lungs stronger. She said that her kids had pertussis about 10 years ago and haven't had a cough since. My mother had it as a child and when I asked her about this, she told me that she has never had any respiratory problems since having whooping cough. Before wc, she had pneumonia twice.
he's never been a hitter until suddenly. i feel like this last week he's been constantly aggressive. yesterday he hit me repeatedly. i firmly told him that he was not allowed to hurt my body and i actually held his hands because he was following me around hitting. tonight he hit his best friend who is a younger girl. normally, he plays very gently with her. I'm frustrated. We've talked about how everyone has the right to a safe body and have told him that if he hits then...
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