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i have the cm panic too. there's so much of it!! anyway, i had a mini panic attack lastnight and for some reason was sure i was going to start bleeding. totally irrational, i know, but nevertheless i was in the bathroom about every 10 minutes. no bleeding. tuckersmom-this is our first. i can't imagine taking care of a little one with all this m/s, let alone be on bedrest at the same time. you're a hero!! my heart goes out to you and it will all even out in the wash i'm...
jellyfishy-i can relate to the u/s fear. i'm waiting on mine until they can do an external, but i know i'm going to be really nervous.
hi, i'm barbara and my edd is november 6th!
i also go through periods of peace and then total panic. sometimes i'm afraid to use the restroom because i might find that i'm bleeding. i actually did spot at 5weeks and thought for sure it was over until i got my betas done and now i've been obsessing over molar pregnancies because my betas were so high. i had to stop myself because any research leads me to that conclusion even though the symptoms are vague. one of the symptoms of a molar pregnancy is nausea!! i thought...
i'm having the same problem only my spotting is accompanied by cramping. :-( i'm also refusing an internal exam much to the clinic doctor's chagrin. you can have your doctor do a quantitative serial beta test that tests how your hcg levels are progressing. also, you might want to have them check your progesterone levels. you are absolutely right by refusing an internal exam as they are often not even accurate during pregnancy. good luck!
i have been ttc for four months now since my m/c in july. before that, it was two years of ttc. i am currently on cd67 with no ovulation yet. it's very frusterating to wait for o this long but i know i'll drop an egg some day. i'm going to try luna therapy to see if my cycles go back to normal. i am hopeful that it will work. i'm also drinking red raspberry leaf tea and taking vitex. thismorning while checking my cp and cf, i noticed that my cf was slightly brown. since...
my chart is whacky. i think it's trying to get back to normal after a m/c in july. here it is... http://www2.fertilityfriend.com/home/barbee
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