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she said that it was supposed to kill pathogens but didn't know the specifics. i thought it sounded strange, but i'm always up for learning something new.
a friend of mine told me that if you eat a lot of kale, which i do when it's in season, you should soak it in hydrogen peroxide. if you don't, you could get sick. she said that this was particularly important if you eat organic or from your own garden. any truth to this?
i haven't been veggie for that long, so maybe it really hasn't hit me yet. it's only been since christmas. anyway, recently at a friend's house they were going to grill a steak and i thought it would tempt me. the smell of it was not tempting at all, but it also didn't gross me out. i still cook chicken for my ds, and that doesn't bother me either, but, again, i don't find myself wanting it.
so, i cured my fibroid with a vegetarian diet, homeopathy and herbs. my sister now has one and has finally decided to try to eat better. she's having surgery to remove her rather large fibroid and i will be staying with her during her recovery. she wants me to cook for them, but warned me that her dh only likes veggies if they are basically undetectable. she's been known to separate spinach from her lasagna. so, i'm sort of at a loss for some good vegetarian dishes that...
My saving grace is my mom friends. We have a weekly park day where the kids play and moms hang out. Without that, I think I would have gone insane. Adult interaction is essential.
lately i've been putting them in a vase on the kitchen table, but they still don't last as long as I would like. Also my carrots and broccoli get wilty pretty fast. I eat veggies every day so they're not sitting around for too long. This is only happening now that I've gotten super strict about organic. any suggestion?
oops.. posted in the wrong place... sorry
Quote: Originally Posted by Abarat Hard to know what to say.....do you know what about you going out was hard on DH? He complained about having meetings all day and then having to deal with ds alone. He wanted me to get him to sleep before I went out, but that would have taken too long. Part of the problem is that I want dh to take more of a roll in the night time routine so that ds doesn't need me to fall asleep at night. He's reluctant though....
Before ds was born, I used to like to go out and listed to bands or hang out with friends. It wasn't about drinking, just socializing. I rarely go out now, but now that ds is 3, I'm starting to see myself going out more. About two weeks ago, I went out with all of my mama friends to see a local band and we danced for two hours straight. It felt great. DH had a hard time though. When he wants to go out, the conversation usually happens right before he walks out the door. He...
Quote: Originally Posted by wholewheatmama http://www.supercook.com/ is another one. this is exactly what i was looking for! thank you so much everyone.
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