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Hi there,   I am a VBAC candidate in the NYC area looking for information. Dr. Gae Rodke has been recommended to me as a great option but it is hard to find information on her. I do have a consultation scheduled with her this Thursday but I'd also love to hear about the experiences of other women. There is a thread on this site from 2009 with info on her but I am wondering if anyone has any updated information?   Perhaps it would be helpful for me to also throw...
It is late but congratulations on your little boy and thank you for the update. It is very helpful!
Hi there. Has anyone had a VBAC at Hudson Valley Hospital Center? Who was your provider? What is their protocol for VBAC?   I am considering Hudson Valley for my next pregnancy (not pregnant yet) mainly because they offer water birth. I don't know, though, if I would be permitted because of my previous c-section. I would love to try a homebirth but my husband is not comfortable with that. Thanks!   ~Ruth
Hi, everyone. My name is Ruth. I am wife to M and mother to C - my precious 2.5 year old little girl. We live in Hudson County, NJ. I have joined Mothering because my husband and I are planning to try for baby #2 soon and I think this site will be very helpful in preparing for that.    C was born via c-section - something I was hoping desperately to avoid. My heart was set on a natural birth and I was devastated when that did not happen. I am trying to deal with it...
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