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I am trying to decide whether to go ahead and start the rabies shot series, and I'm finding contradictory information. Is is really safe to wait out the 10 day quarantine period? What would you do? Dying of rabies would be kind of a bummer, so I'd like to avoid that, ya know?
Thanks. I keep going into his room to check on him. I just want to get him in for this test so we either know, or can keep looking for, what's wrong.
I took my son to the ped last wednesday because I thought he had a UTI. They dipped his urine in the office, and said it was negative for bacteria. They sent the sample to the lab for urinalysis. On Friday, about 10 am, they called to say the lab test did not detect bacteria, either. So I figured it must be situational or behavioral, and we'd give it a few more days to resolve itself. Then, about 5:30 in the afternoon (on a FRIDAY, mind you, grumble, grumble), the...
I got a great book for Christmas called One Skein Wonders. It's full of all kinds of cool things that can be made out of a small amount of yarn. Everything is in there, from shawls to felted bags. I'm having a lot of fun with it.
I have a pit mix who's about 14 months old. He's a pretty big fella, about 65 lbs and lanky/tall. I want to take up jogging to get myself into better shape and bring my dog along to help him run off some of his adolescent dog energy. Is he done growing? Should I be worried about stress on his joints? Should I wait and include him when he's a bit older? I'm no speed demon, by any standard, and he's a healthy, sturdy dog, but I don't want to hurt him!
Quote: Originally Posted by angie7 Yep! I had a male Dane that was 120lbs at 6 months!!! Wow... that's a lotta dog!
The therapy group I would be working with goes to schools, as well as to medical facilities and nursing homes, they also do community outreach at parades and fairs, etc. The woman who runs the show suggested not doing the CGC test 'till he's a year old, and taking it from there. As of right now, I feel pretty confident about everything CGC tests for, except for his other dog manners. He gets really excited by other dogs, and wants to play. Strangers are no problem, nor...
His eyes are cracked. Each is half blue, half brown. What I think is interesting is that they are identical, each containing the same amount of blue and brown, and split in the same spot. Also, his toes are webbed practically to his claws, but he isn't a fan of the water. He's so gentle, and laid back. He's astonishingly calm and tolerant. I like Danes, I think they're nice dogs, but I truthfully am relieved to hear the opinion of a Dane owner that he is not part...
I see a lot of breed guess threads here, and I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring... This is my pup Granger. He's 7 months old, and flirting with 50 lbs. I'm not sure of his height, but he's pretty tall. His mother (who I saw, she was with him at the rescue), is definitely just your garden variety lab/pit mix, but what on earth is the rest?? My vet thinks maybe catahoula, but I hear dane from people, too. What do you think? ETA, the first pics are more recent,...
I'm not hoping for any specific ailment. I'm hoping we can get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible. IOW, I hope it's something already on the radar.
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