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Hi ladies!   Patti - Ugh, I'm with you on the crazy work and travel. This has been an awful month for being able to relax and enjoy baby growing. I just got back from our annual membership meeting (which I'm responsible for planning) so maybe I'll be able to settle down and catch up on some sleep now. The nice thing about being in Minneapolis was that I could get out and walk without feeling like I might drown in humidity and mosquitoes, so my exercise level went way up....
Patti and Oasis - big hugs to you both!   Patti - 10 pounds is not unreasonable, especially if you tend to gain more with boys anyway. Maybe you'll even out over the next few weeks. And I second oasis - can you hold off on work travel or have someone else go in your place, at least for a little while?   How's everyone else?
Oasis - I started feeling occasional flutters at 14 weeks. Not every day, but definitely baby movement when I could feel it. So exciting! As for the Skype call - I think its a good idea since you're not here. Is there a way that you could make it more private but have them more included in the party part? Like maybe there's a bakery that is local to your families that will do a gender reveal cake with neutral icing and a pink or blue inside, so you could call and order a...
Thanks mama sarah!   Congratulations Oana!
Thanks ladies! The ultrasound went great. Good looking organs and bones and wiggling like crazy. The movement I can feel is all kicks (little punches aren't strong enough yet) and this morning there were a couple that I could feel from outside too. The little overachiever is already measuring at 17 weeks!
Patti and Oana - are your kids okay?
Beagle - That is fantastic news! I am super impressed with your hospital too. I'm with an OB because there aren't any midwives in South Georgia (that I'm aware of anyway), but she is wonderful and very open to the less invasive, more natural approach.   Patti - Yay! Congratulations!   oasis - Week 14 was when I really started to feel "normal" again. Hope it's coming soon for you!   mama sarah - I'm glad there's some good news wrapped up in there with that...
I just had to schedule my next dentist appointment for after baby's arrival (and they all but begged me to bring baby along:)). We'll have kissable squeezable real babies before we know it!
Mattie - I cried too. Crossing my fingers for good news from the judge today! I hope you get at least a little clarity on a sticky mess.
Our little yolk sac at 5 weeks:       And a squirmy baby at 9 weeks:       We'll have a better resolution ultrasound next week at 16 weeks.
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