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So im now 2 days late with a BFN which wasnt with my first morning pee so idk if that matters much but now i feel crazy not knowing whats going on... I called a planned parenthood cuz they have tests for only $10 and they said i have to wait till 7-10 days missed period..I dont have any symptoms either (maybe a few small cramps since last night) but thats it.. Does it sound like I still have a chance of being prego???
So I took a hpt today and got another BFN .. its pretty upsetting. Is there still a chance or am I out this month?
Thank u .. I still have some hope ♡
Im 10dpo and terrified to take a test cuz I don't wanna see another bfn like yesterday :/ I'm going crazy with this 2ww
Im 10dpo and got a bfn yesterday. I havent had any real symptoms... am I out this month or do u think there is still a chance??
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