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we met with pediatric pathways and are so excited to be using them. totally in alignment with the model of care we're looking for!
THANK YOU everyone for your responses. so helpful! we went to our orientation at MMC and i felt quite comfortable there. first appointment is february 5th. :) askins, i really appreciate you sharing your birth stories. i read every word! thank you for writing those and for sharing!
hi all, i'm newly pregnant and starting my research into my prenatal care and birthing options. i'm pretty sure my ideal would be to do a home birth and work with one midwife throughout my pregnancy. unfortunately, i called my insurance company (BCBS) and they offer no coverage of home births with a midwife. :/   luckily, the mountain midwifery center is in-network and (i think) would be mostly covered. while i still don't know my exact out-of-pocket expense with...
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