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They did find a drink that was gluten free and dairy free. Call the lab you'll go to ahead of time. The one I usually get sent to didn't have it and she had to call a bunch of places to find it pushing my test out an extra hour! I did the lemon lime because it was gluten and dye free. I failed my 1 hr...I had to fast for 10 hrs before both tests though. I ultimately failed the 3 hour too so GD for me it's not horrible though since my diet was already so low in carbs. They...
It is for sure...they seemed pretty open. I did the drink for the 1 hr. I don't mind it...it's not the greatest but not the worst either. This is my 6th baby and I've always felt sick after the glucola. This time though it was definitely a reaction to something in it...a hard lesson learned in the last few years. Apple sauce is definitely doable though. Well at least I think it is...
So I failed my 1 hr test and now have to do the 3 hr. I did the orange drink for the 1 hr but I was so sick after...but more like the reaction I have to being exposed to gluten. I called the doctor and discussed alternatives and they agreed to allow me to eat jelly beans instead. They suggested 38 brachs jelly beans...which are not gluten free. They said I could get other jelly beans but they have to total 100 grams of carbs. The jelly beans we usually buy are organic and...
I've been taking probiotics for a couple years now and have continued taking then through this pregnancy. My normal dose is 12 billion but was recently put on antibiotics so I was considering upping my dose to 2 pills (24 billion) instead of the one. Does anyone else take probiotics and if so how much? I just don't want to overdo it.
Do you know which one its in? I'm hoping to get some peace of mind...I've only done it the last 3 days and everything says its safe but you can never be too safe.
Hi...I'm 20 wks pregnant and upon a recommendation from a friend started oil pulling again. I did some research that said it was safe for pregnancy but I was wondering anyone has any experience with it and practicing it during pregnancy?
Hi...I'm 12 weeks pregnant and my husband found a mouse in the basement. I know peppermint oil deters mice so we put a few drops on cotton balls and spread them at all the doors and basement entry. It then occurred to me this may not be safe. Does anyone know if smelling peppermint is safe this early in pregnancy? It's pretty strong since its in a couple locations. I know ingesting it in early pregnancy is considered unsafe.
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