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Egg frittata....8 eggs, chopped mushrooms, caramelized onions, diced yellow pepper, chopped spinach, diced chicken breakfast sausage. Add in salt, pepper and cheddar cheese before baking at 350 for 20m Butternut Squash soup----big butternut squash diced, 1 onion diced, 2tsp garlic and 2 large diced carrots tossed in olive oil and roasted at 400 for 20mins. Toss in blender with 4C chicken broth. Add in salt, pepper, ginger powder, all spice and cinnamon to taste. Serve...
OMG could he be any cuter! So happy to hear Dean is living it up!! Proof what love can do! 
If it's any consolation, out of my 5 kids, one daughter looks exactly like me and another daughter looks just like my husband. It can happen! It does sound like she is being passive aggressive towards you though because there is no need to "rub it in" like that right now.    As far as a gift, I would hold off too. Soon you might be having to buy your own baby things for her visits :)   Nov 22nd can't come soon enough. The wait must be so stressful! It's like a woman...
I agree with documenting everything! My husband got full custody of his son after keeping track of everything his ex did and said in regard to their child--it's a 30+ page word document and a guardian ad litem read it *all* and advocated for his son in court which ultimately had his mother's rights terminated. 
How sad that this is all happening to all of you...the fact that she had to shut you out out of shame and/or manipulation to replace you with her current BF. Whatever the case may be you and this little girl deserve to know the truth and I wouldn't stop at anything to find it! I say keep the court date and keep everything in the legal system. As far as blaming you for all the drama, that is BS.... because it took both of you to consent to the one-night stand and both of...
I really commend you for not giving up! I agree that you should continue to use the legal system to confirm paternity and establish custody of this child if she is indeed your daughter. As far as what her mother (and her family) is doing, it will come back karmically to bite them big time so just rest in knowing that. You are doing the right thing because you are coming from a place of honesty and love. Stay strong and continue to fight for the truth! 
Congratulations!! When is your due date?    oops- just saw the January 2014! Nice! Two years apart!
That's how it felt...there were days where I felt so dead inside that I just figured I was really better off dead! I really think sleep deprivation is harmful to the mind. 
that looks like a penis to me! My son's looked a bit strange too! For one, I was expecting to see the "circumcised" profile (not thinking clearly) but instead it look like a witches finger, for lack of a better description! 
Send me a PM. I can help you with homeopathy!
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