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Body image improving over here! I started Jillian Michaels 12 week program. I'm 3 weeks in and lost a dress size and almost 4lbs. I feel great on every level. I have so much more energy! I've been eating well and just really happy to be moving towards a healthier me! 
Honestly, I can't tell! Did you get a video of the scan?
Kelsey--Wow! Good Luck conceiving #2! I miss being in my mid-twenties and having the idea of future babies. I had so much energy and more of me to go around. Now, five kids later, the thought of another one is downright frightening. It's weird to be "done". Kinda sad. Anyway, you two make beautiful babies. Be sure to keep in touch! I want to hear the good news when you get it!    Imakecutebabies: that's hard! When Ev nightweaned, I was a bit of a mess for a couple of...
Ev is turning out to be a great toddler! Baby, no, not so much..but toddler?...he's awesome and easygoing! He's totally nightweaned and sleeps 9-10 hours straight. Made that happen in about 3 nights. He caught on quickly once Dh took over the bedtime routine and he just stopped waking up to nurse just like that! Ahhhhh! I feel like a human again! He's doing what every 14 month old does....empty cupboards, screws on sippy cup tops over and over again, stacking everything...
Happy Ending! Congrats!
Funny you should ask because as I opened this site up, I was saying to my DH that I really need to lose 20lbs and that I don't like the way I feel in my body, it doesn't feel like mine. I gained 50-55lbs with E. He was my 4th pregnancy. My first pregnancy was when I was 19 and I had gained 75lbs (on a 125lb/5'-7" frame) and my body changed drastically back then. Stretch marks in many places...but before I had my 2nd, I was back down to 126lbs, toned and looking great...
Wooot! Yay! E got sick AGAIN right after my last reply. I am starting up again tonight! Wish me luck!
So, the sleepsite plan worked! By night 5, E was going to sleep peacefully within 5 minutes without nursing and waking up to nurse only 3 times (and unlatching and moving himself away from me)! That's a HUGE improvement!!! Downside---I got plugged ducts from him nursing so much less at night (OUCH!) Day 6 came and welllll between fevers, vomiting, roseola, colds and headlice crashing in on our house, sleep "training" went out the window....he's almost better now and so...
I was 11yrs 2 months and she was 12 years 8 month. Cool thing is we both got our first periods on our maternal grandmothers birthdays. Pretty cool!
I would let him listrn to her sometimes..with your support available.
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