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That's awesome!!
Let's share costume pics....I love seeing babies in costumes! I'll share one when his costume arrives (most likely halloween--so much for getting organized in time!)
  I know, right! I can turn away for a few seconds and lose track of which room he's in. He's a speedy boy! I tend to listen for his little noises to track him down. He blows raspberries most of the time so that helps. It does scare me though when he's quiet. Means he has sometime in his mouth 9 times outta 10 and usually it's food from the floor! 
Wow! E took his first steps over the weekend! Anyone else? He's also starting to sleep 2-3 hours a time now and no longer needing to be latched on all night long. Phew! 
First nap 2-2.5 hours after morning wake up Nap lasts about 1.5-2 hours Next nap 3-3.5 hours later Nap lasts about 1.5-2 hours (depending on how long his morning nap was) Bedtime 3-4 hours later My son is 9 months old and has been on this schedule for at least 2 months now
I agree! Babiesunderstand us....energetically-speaking.
Thank you for sharing your confession! I waa just about to give up and try the ferber method (though my dh opposes it) with my 5th baby. I am reconsidering now because of your post. My son is very attached and nurses 7-10x a night and needs to be worn or latched for all naps too! I am right there with you! My thoughts are to spend a lot of time weaeing him over the next few days. Also the fact tht he didn't sleep might have a lot to do with his affect. Don't worry! No...
Willfulness=intelligence at least in my experience my dd was like that and she is so very bright today and ahead of her peers socially. I had nothing to do with it either! It's just who she is and she has been that way since she was born! My baby boy is shaping up to be just like her! He is more mellow but he knows what he wants and how to get it!
My dd had this too and it totally disappeared when we took soy out of her diet
Same exact scenario here with my 9 month old. I am nursing round the clock...he had reflux and constipation until 6 months too! He wakes every 1-2 hours at night. I still think I am doing something wrong. Other moms complain how their babies still wake once at this age. I would give anything to only wake once to nurse! He only sleeps 30-45 minutes (first sleep cycle) alone. After that, he will not sleep without movement or latched! This is for both naps and overnight. We...
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