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well that makes me feel a little better! It's crazy making! E was standing up against a box fan while I was calming down after finding a cord in his mouth. I was rambling on and on to DH about how much I freaked out about the cord! I look down at E and he's standing against the box fan which was blowing on DH while he exercised on the elliptical machine. I just about fainted....seriously! My nerves are shot! Luckily, the fan is made so no little fingers can reach the...
Oh I forgot to mention that my DH's heartburn pill was on the floor today too  I about ripped his face off (but nicely!). How am I going to keep this house baby-proofed when I live with a bunch of bohemians!
Oh my goodness! Electric cords in mouth, toppling coffee tables, fingers near fans, finger cut from the baseboard heater frame...ahhhhh! And this is what happens when I'm almost right on top of him! I'm going a little nut-so over here. I have to literally follow him for a few hours spread throughout the day while he crawls and cruises around now! I'm burning out a lot quicker than I expected!  Anyone ever use one of those 6-8 panel play yards? Any feedback? I'm so...
We are at the point where Dh is on board with me to the point where you'd think it was his idea in the first place! We have come a long way!
Not here (yet) but I'm 100% sure it has a lot to do with 4 siblings that hang around him a lllll day! School starts tomorrow and I'm sure that E will be doing the same thing!
People do it because they think they are giving their child the best "start" in life. People believe lies! 
Network with other homeschooling moms and hold gatherings at your house. Maybe co-op style?  Start a new craft or hobby!   Meet your neighbors and invite them over!    Church?   You need to have something for yourself! Anything! Even a daily walk by yourself. 
  You are productive and appreciated! You are doing the world's more important job! Do it with all your heart! Keep on doing it and learn to appreciate yourself and the sacrifices you are making for your family! 
I do have a day like that about every 10 days or so (give or take). I'm trying to do it once a week on a weekend when DH can help out but with an 8 month old, it just isn't the same! 
Yep! Same here! Lately, DH takes him time eating his waffles all to himself over the morning paper (after the kids have already eaten something totally different on my time!). I do get annoyed.  He gets to eat out when he works and that annoys me too! 
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